Picking pumpkins

Tonight, Brett and I went pumpkin picking! We have this amazing place just south of us that sells all of the pumpkins in the world, apples, caramel apples, baked breads, fall mums.. everything for the season that you could want. It's so perfect. I want to explore a pumpkin patch sometime soon too, but we go here every year to pick our pumpkins for carving! Yay!

This past weekend, Brett and I went up north to shoot a small wedding at Point Betsie lighthouse. The photos turned out amazing - my husband is really talented! I'm so excited for him. He does an amazing job with my photos everyday. I'm super lucky to have him! We had such a great day - driving up a back country road, stopping at scenic lookouts, playing on the playground. I was so excited to find a teeter-totter! I haven't played on one of those in forever.. I have major bruises on my leg from it! Haha!

This dress felt so "pumpkin-picking" to me. I knew exactly where I wanted to wear it when I saw it. I love it! The mixture of plaid and ruffles - with the orange fall color, perfection! It is actually a longer-length dress too - so I can style it up different ways. I rolled it up at the waist a little bit and belted it. With my shorter legs, I like my dresses to be a tad bit shorter, but maybe in November when the weather cools down more - it would look pretty longer!

I've been loving this autumn weather - it's been such a pleasant one so far. Brett has been taking my car lately and I have had no problems riding the scoot everywhere because it's been so warm. I also love cleaning the apartment with all of the windows open and a warm breeze coming in through the windows. Plus, it smells so amazing outside with fall leaves and I love the sound of rustling leaves in the wind, especially at night. Pumpkins on porches, pumpkin spice lattes and these fall colors - ah, love!

Outfit details:

Back to 'Ole School Dress c/o The Unique Closet
Ruche socks
Return of the Mack-Rame Belt c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Urban Outfitters heels