Trick or treat

So it totally felt like Halloween on Saturday because that's when the treat-or-treat time was scheduled in our town. It's more fun when the Halloween festivities are on a weekend! We've been housesitting for Brett's parent's all weekend long, so we were able to pass out candy. Brett and I live right downtown in the historic district and we don't get any trick-or-treater's! It makes me sad, but it was great I was able to pass out candy at his parent's house this year!

I didn't want to spend too much on a costume this year, so Brett and I ran to the Halloween store and I picked up a broom and hat for $14! I received the dress in a swap with Eleanor from Bonjour Bbydoll and I thought it fit the "costume" perfectly! It's nice having so many pairs of crazy tights too. Plus, a little extra makeup and you've got a super cheap costume!

Brett and I did the usual Halloween festivites - ordered a pizza and watched a scary movie. After trick-or-treating finished up, we drove out to the city to hang out! We met up with our friends, Jeremy and Kait, and went over to a Halloween party. It was a pretty fun time - I loved stuffing my face on too much junk food and drinking cider. They had a costume judging contest and it was just great to sit around and hang out with good friends! Afterwards, we grabbed even more food at our local greasy diner. That's seriously my kind of Halloween!

Outfit details:

Dress swap with Bonjour Bbydoll
Forever21 wedges
Vertical Illusion Tights c/o ModCloth