The Sable Point Lighthouses

I took a spontaneous day trip on Saturday to explore two lighthouses I haven't been to yet! I've decided that I'm such an old person. It was honestly the best day ever... and it was spent traveling up the coast of Lake Michigan searching for lighthouses! But I had so much fun. I absolutely love lighthouses and living in Michigan is perfect, because we have hundreds. First, I headed up to Shelby, Michigan to look for Little Sable Point Lighthouse. This was was located at the end of a dead-end drive in a state park. It was so tall! I loved it!

It was such perfect weather. It was so warm and the sunshine was perfect for a day of adventure. I love that my car is always full of sand from my trips I take. Living in Michigan suits me so perfectly. I kept thinking about it all day long... how much I love living here. I have so many trips and plans for this summer - just in this state alone! I can't wait to take all of them.

I kept seeing signs for "Historic Shipwreck" and I had to go check it out. It's a shipwreck that washed right up on shore in 2004! You could see a few elements of the wreck right on the beach. How awesome is that?! Then finally, in the distance, I saw the lighthouse. It's just so much more fun when you travel so far to reach something like this... and you finally see it. Like the time I explored the secret lighthouse last summer. So. much. fun.

The lighthouse was gorgeous. It was amazing to see to see the lighthouse on a little pointe of Lake Michigan where you see the lake from the west and north. After that, I explored the downtown strip of Ludington and ate dinner at a cute Italian restaurant. What a seriously fun day... I can't wait to start traveling more now that the weather is so lovely! Have a great week, everyone!

Outfit details:

Express top
Forever21 belt
Nice Flats c/o Ruche
American Apparel shorts
Cross Town Beauty Mini Cross Bag c/o Ruche
H&M cardigan
Forever21 sunglasses