Lake of the Clouds

During my time in the Upper Peninsula, I saw one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen at Lake of the Clouds. It was so amazing. It was only 7 miles from our hotel, just down the street. Although I was presented with crummy weather, I bundled up and headed to the park to see it. I've been wanting to see this sight for so long and it was truly amazing. You could see for miles in the mountains! We definitely missed "peak" autumn colors, but that just gives me an excuse to go back soon!

The lake was really easy to get to, you just walked a simple boardwalk to see the view. I love being in the Upper Peninsula too because they don't have as many "rules". Haha! Like down here, they block off lighthouse towers, put up tons of guard rails, etc. In the U.P., you can just very easily climb over this ledge and be on top of a mountain with no rails - nothing! It was awesome to get some really pretty photos.

For my clothes, I kept thinking warm, autumn layers. I knew it was going to be cold, so I packed as many of my chunky cardigans, knee-high socks, tall boots and thick belts as possible. I guess it's a little preview of the upcoming month to come! I felt like we fast-forwarded to November with the weather we had up there.

This trip was definitely one of my favorites though. I absolutely love it when something in nature can take your breath away! I truly live in a unique and amazing state with so many things to see and do. It baffles me. I still can't believe I drove for 10 hours straight and am still in the same state. If I was to head south, I'd make it to Nashville, TN in 10 hours. That's just nuts!

Outfit details:

Vintage 90s dress from Vintage Strings
Toasty warm chunky cardigan c/o ThreadSence
American Apparel army green tights
Regal boots c/o Wanted
Thrifted belt
Knit circle scarf from T.J. Maxx