Streets of white

Is it really April 9th already? Gosh, time goes so fast! When we first moved to Grand Rapids, I had this huge timeline to finish this apartment and I'm not even close to being done yet. We've been super busy. These photos are from weeks ago! But oh well, let me recap you on the present. This past weekend was super fun. My band played both Friday and Saturday nights and I loved hanging out with friends all weekend. Yesterday, we got to go back home for dinner at Brett's parents. We (of course) drove past Lake Michigan and it was perfect.

So, I got some crazy news last week. I've been collaborating with Forever 21 on their Contiki contest and I also found out... I'm going to be on their digital billboard in Times Square. Is that not the craziest thing you've ever heard?!! Small-town Michigan gal?! Of course, Brett and I are driving out to NYC this weekend to see it in person. How could you not, right? How often in your life are you going to be on a billboard in Times Square? But needless to say, I'm so so so grateful for the opportunity... and it wouldn't be possible if you guys didn't support me constantly. It means more than you know.

Other than that, not much else is new! I've just been staying busy at work, trying to get as much done in the apartment as possible, playing a lot of shows in my band and trying to squeeze in time for friends! It's a huge goal of mine to get as much as we can done here before we take on another huge endeavor in early summer. If you follow my Pinterest, you might have a clue!

Outfit details:

Megan Nielsen Rie dress
Target tights
Thrifted belt
Fine Furnishings wedge c/o ModCloth