Walk to brunch

Eric and I took a quick walk down to brunch this morning. My car has been in the shop all weekend, so it's been really odd not having a car! Plus, it's been way too freezing cold to pull out the scooter yet. It's been a really chill, low-key weekend. We rented movies, ordered pizza and spent Saturday with Eric's family for his niece's dance competition. I'm glad we live so close to some awesome places to eat though. It's been a lifesaver! Other than that, I just cleaned, caught up on some laundry, gave Winny a bath and played Sims like it was my job. Haha! I haven't done that since high school. I loved it!

I'm really excited this is the last week of March. April showers bring May flowers, right? I need to continue to kick butt this week with eating right and working out. This Move Until May challenge has been awesome in motivating me, but I need to play catch up from this slacker weekend. I love going to the gym lately and am really looking forward to my race in May. I've been doing Zumba classes lately too and they are so much fun. I don't even feel like I'm working out because I'm just trying hard to keep up with the class. By the time I look up, an hour has passed! It's been awesome. I'm hoping to do that 3x this week. I need to prep so I can have a couple chocolates on Easter!

I wore this outfit to work on Friday and received so many compliments, so I thought I'd wear it again today and take some pictures. It's funny because most of the time I think the way I dress is too simple to blog about, but most of the time, it's the outfits people like the most! I guess it's relatable and I can understand that. I always love when I see bloggers list Target or Forever21 in their outfit details. That means I can go right out and buy it! Ha! Well anyway, happy Monday tomorrow!