The new year

I'm back, finally! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I desperately needed a break over the holidays. I wasn't planning on taking that much time off, but it was much needed. I relaxed, and spent time with family. I think I watched every Christmas movie on Netflix. I also went through every room of my apartment and purged, organized and cleaned. I did a huge kitchen haul throwing away all of the junk food, expired food and scrubbed everything. It felt so good to start the new year off with a clean slate around here!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who filled out my reader survey. It was a huge help, and I loved reading your responses. For a recap, almost everyone loves my adventure/travel posts, outfits matched to my settings, and tidbits about my personal life. A lot of you mentioned my apartment/home decor posts, so I'll work at getting more of that on the blog too! As for cons, pretty much everyone said they didn't like giveaways. While they are sometimes fun (and essential!), I will work harder at minimizing those on the blog. As of right now, I only plan on hosting one a month, instead of four. Just a few other notes… lighthouses are here to stay. Eric is here to stay. My own personal style is here to stay. If you don't like any of those three things, I'd probably say… you aren't going to like Selective Potential. ;)

This outfit is a bit impractical for the insane "arctic blast" we've been having these past few days, but when I wore this it was above 30 degrees and totally fine. I also have Michigan skin though. Another goal of mine this year is to accept less ℅ clothing, and start utilizing/remixing more of what's in my closet. My closet is overflowing with stuff I love, and never wear. I will still accept some things, but I'm going to be very selective (a ha!) with who I work with this year. It'll also be nice to wear whatever I want, whenever I want because I won't have so many deadlines and items to post. I'll share more of my goals, as I accomplish them. Until then, I think it'll do me good to keep quiet on them. ;) Looking forward to 2014!

Outfit details:

Forever21 Geo Print Shawl Cardigan (similar)
AE Frayed Denim Festival Shortie
Just Right Direction Tee ℅ ModCloth
H&M tights
Samantha Pleet Arc Boots ℅ Wolverine