Autumn forests

Happy Saturday! My favorite day of the entire week is Saturday. It's the weekend where you have the entire day off and the promise of yet another day off the next day. I love, love, love my Saturday's. Today, we walked downtown to eat lunch, went and got sad at the humane society, explored our vintage mall and played in the leaves. Another wonderful, warm, amazing sunshine filled day. Our really good friend, Peter, came into town today. I was going to do my monthly one-photo-per-hour blog today, but forgot so I'll make sure to do that tomorrow. The three of us went to Grand Rapids to look around the mall, eat delicious food and visit with good friends. We also went to see my favorite movie again! (500 Days of Summer) So today was absolutely wonderful. Never leave us autumn! Please!

These sweater tights are probably my favorite purchase as of late. They are so so comfy and perfect and when it does get chilly, I'll still be able to wear all of my skirts and dresses! How wonderful.

Just bought this necklace today at the vintage mall. Love it. It was only $8 and it has old photographs in it. I'm going to make an old vintage photo of Brett and put him and I in there, but still keep these photos in the back of it. I love old vintage finds. There was a fur cape I really wanted from the late 1800's to early 1900's, but it was a little pricey. Maybe I'll go back... ;)

The one thing I really don't like about this cardigan is how is gets those little lint balls on it. My mom always tries to shave them when she sees them on my cardigans or jacket. It works... it just takes a long time! See you tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday! Hope it's lovely where you are!

Outfit details:

American Apparel skirt
Pink Mink dress
Target tights
Vintage locket
Target cardigan
Shi shoes