Lazy sundays

I think this has been the first day in a long time where we haven't really gone out to do something, which is crazy! We woke up, made pancakes, said goodbye to Peter, went grocery shopping and came home to take naps and watch rented movies. I slept a little longer than intended and just woke up a little while ago! I need to cook dinner, shower, clean, etc. But now I'm feeling way, way too lazy. Maybe some of this stuff can wait. ;) At first this morning, I braided my side braid a little too tight and I felt like pippy longstocking. The trick is to loosen it up majorly and it looks 100 times better. Now after waking up, it's back to it's normal self!

Not much else! My favorite show, Desperate Housewives, is on tonight and I need to get my lazy butt up to go cook a chicken salad for dinner! I was going to do my photo blog today, but it was such a boring day. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Outfit details:

Thrifted dress
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Gap tights
Forever21 belt
Urban Outfitters belt
Target boots